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I've done some crazy things in the past, but this beats them all.

I'm releasing the math/formulas/equations for the Quarter Jr apps. -- And not just some of the math, but every single equation.

These formulas were perfected over 20+ years of data analysis, track refinement and dyno tests.

There's no doubt that having these formulas will give you a deeper understanding of the physics of going fast.

Collectively your competition is always moving forward -- every year, every month, every week. If you're not improving on a regular basis, you're losing ground to the field.

If you plan on winning more or even just remaining competitive, sitting still is not an option.

Is the average racer willing to go so deep as to understand the physics involved in racing?

Not likely, and this is where you'll get your advantage.

Think of the sharpest racers you know -- they always seem to be a few steps ahead, don't they?

How'd they get that way? Were they born that way? We all come out of the womb knowing the same things. It's what we do after that matters.

The are many ways you can work with these formulas -- paper & pencil, a calculator, a spreadsheet or even software created by and for yourself. You'll also be able to tweak these formulas to more closely match your situation, and this may be the real value of the Source Code books.

About the author of these equations: He has worked in the aerospace industry and has a master's degree in mechanical engineering.

Book Descriptions:

Engine Pro {Source Code} - Engine Simulation & Optimization Formulas. Thousands of dyno tests, sophisticated data analysis, and extensive development went into creating these formulas. Works for all types of racing.

Quarter Pro {Source Code} - Drag Race Simulation & Optimization Formulas. Over twenty years of development and refinement went into these formulas to achieve an accuracy of better than .01 seconds at every point on the drag strip.

Density {Source Code} - Weather Station & Prediction Formulas. Works for drag racers (with or without throttle stops), all circle track racers, Bonneville and dry lakes top speed racers, and even dyno operators.

Fourlink {Source Code} - Rear Suspension Simulation & Optimization Formulas. Chassis setup for 4 link or ladder bar drag racing rear suspensions.

Clutch Pro {Source Code} - Clutch Simulation & Optimization Formulas. Perform complete analysis of your clutch setup.

Bonneville {Source Code} - Land Speed Racing Simulation & Optimization Formulas. Designed specifically for Bonneville Salt Flats, El Mirage, Muroc Dry Lake and one- and two-mile asphalt courses.


These books are not for the casual racer. These books are pure math. They are not how-to books, but rather a resource to get a much deeper understanding of the physics behind racing. Below are sample pages from the Engine Pro {Source Code} book - Click images to enlarge.

Source Code CDCompanion CD

Every Source Code book includes this CD. Its purpose is to help you get the most out of the book.

CD Contents:

  • Walk-Through Video - This is where I take one of the source code books and show you how to get the most out of the material.
  • Manual for Software - A pdf of the operations manual for each corresponding app. Whether you own the software or not, the operations manual will be an invaluable resource.
  • Video Demo of Software - If you don't own the corresponding software for your source code book, This will walk you through its operation and help you understand the book better.

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You don't need to own a copy of the corresponding software to use the source code books -- I've included resources in the book and on the companion cd to help you get the most out of the books. But, if you really want to have the deepest experience, you'll want to own the book and corresponding app. Below are package deals if you buy them together right now. I'd place your order today if interested -- this offer may end after the initial launch of the source code books.

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