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Quarter Pro (Drag Racing) Software

QUARTER Pro offers the professional drag racer and race team engineer serious computing power. Over twenty years of development and refinement went into QUARTER Pro to achieve an accuracy of better than .01 seconds at every point on the drag strip.

There is a complete engine power and torque table from the dyno. Clutch data, transmission and rear gear efficiencies, and polar moments of inertia are also included. Aerodynamics of the racecar are completely described. QUARTER Pro includes powerful worksheets and extensive on-screen help to assist you in determining the proper values for many of these input variables.

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QUARTER Pro is particularly useful for drag racers having engine dyno data (or simulated engine dyno data from software like ENGINE Pro. Simply enter the the horsepower or torque figures from the dyno and QUARTER Pro will help you figure out the best possible combination to get your racecar down the track as quickly and consistently as possible.

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The calculated output from QUARTER Pro includes the Time slip, Detailed Parameters and Vehicle Performance Graphs. In addition, you get an Engine RPM Histogram to show you exactly at which RPM your engine spends the most time while your racecar goes down the quarter-mile. This feature is particularly useful for focusing your racing engine development efforts. Concentrate on the engine RPM range that matters the most!

Quarter Pro software screenshot

If you're racing in classes like Pro Stock, Top Sportsman, Competition Eliminator or Super Stock where the last hundredth of a second can make the difference between winning and losing, QUARTER Pro is the software for you.

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Software Runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows


Quarter Pro Math Book

Quarter Pro - The Book.
Get the formulas behind the Quarter Pro software.
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