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Engine Pro Software

ENGINE Pro offers the professional engine builder and R&D specialist serious computing power. Years of research, thousands of dyno tests, sophisticated data analysis, and extensive development went into ENGINE Pro to achieve the most accurate high performance racing engine simulation software possible.

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The Intake Port Flow Worksheet provides complete flowbench data analysis. You input your valve information, lift and CFM values and ENGINE Pro does the rest - calculating cross-section area, flow velocity, flow flux, and the critical flow velocity index. Clear graphical results are also provided.

The ENGINE Pro Recommendations help you get the most out of your engine. These include camshaft specifications, intake runner and exhaust header dimensions designed to enhance the "intake ramming" and "wave tuning" for both the intake and exhaust tracks! Exhaust port flow requirements are detailed and the necessary exhaust valve diameter is displayed. Following the ENGINE Pro Recommendations will help ensure you realize the maximum performance potential out of your high performance racing engine.

Engine Pro Software Screenshot

Engine Pro Software Screenshot

ENGINE Pro mechanical Details are included for both the Sportsman and Professional engine builder. They include a complete piston speed and geometric data summary as well as the piston position, speed and acceleration as a function of crankshaft angle at the four critical engine rating points.

Engine Pro Software Screenshot

Intake Flow Details is one of the most powerful features of ENGINE Pro. It combines your flowbench data, camshaft timing and piston motion details to determine the piston flow demand (in CFM) that the cylinder head will see under real world engine operating conditions. Now you can graphically see what's happening in the intake port as the piston moves down on the "intake pumping" stroke as you change intake duration and/or advance or retard the camshaft!

You can also determine how to setup your flowbench testing to more accurately simulate what's going on in the real engine - that is, what test pressure to use for each of the intake valve lift points. High performance engine cylinder heads require testing at much higher flowbench test pressures than the standard 28 inch of H2O. The effects of higher flowbench test pressures can be remarkable, and could make the difference between qualifying and being out of the show!

ENGINE Pro can quickly be used to compare the design features of any engine with any other, and point out the areas where they are similar and also those areas that are different and in need of improvement and further refinement.

If you're a drag racer in classes like Pro Stock (Car, Truck or Bike), Top Sportsman or Competition Eliminator, or any other type of racing where the last few horsepower and ft-lbs of torque can make the difference between winning and losing, ENGINE Pro is the software for you!

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