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Density (Weather Station) Software

DENSITY is designed specifically for predicting the affects of changing weather conditions on the performance of your car or motorcycle. DENSITY allows every motorsport racer - 1/8th and 1/4-mile drag racers (with or without throttle stops), all circle track racers, Bonneville and dry lakes top speed racers, and even engine dyno operators! - to easily perform the complex calculations required for the most accurate engine and vehicle performance weather corrections possible!

No more guessing about how fast your racecar should go, what your next dial-in should be, what throttle stop setting to use, or what jet or return pill you should be running. Stop guessing what the correction factor is as the weather conditions change throughout the day! Just take a look at the four sample screens from the DENSITY software below.

DENSITY keeps track of 8 different weather conditions on the screen at the same time, a base run and separate columns for 7 other runs. You can even change the vehicle weight, jetting and fuel temperature for each run. All of these features are fully described in the DENSITY User's Manual.

DENSITY is designed to work for whatever kind of racing you are doing, and with any possible combination of weather instruments that you may have - altimeter, barometer, wet/dry bulb, relative humidity, or even vapor pressure - in inches of Mercury, millibar or psi! The Preferences screen is where you setup DENSITY to match your specific requirements.

Weathe Station Screenshot

DENSITY contains options for gasoline, methanol or nitromethane fuels utilizing carburetors, injectors and superchargers for fuel delivery systems! Jet sizes can be input as Holley jet numbers, or in inches or even millimeters. The power valve and idle circuits are also included for carburetors. There are even more options for mechanical and electronic fuel injection systems. This flexibility is required to accurately calculate the Density Altitude, Air Density Index and the critical engine HP Correction Factor for every possible combination of weather instruments and fuel systems! See the Weather Tech articles on the RSA Members page for more technical information on the HP Correction Factor.

Run Data Analysis is included with DENSITY to graphically display your racecar performance under a variety of weather conditions, so you can quickly determine those "golden" run where everything went right. Performance Parameter sensitivities are included on this screen to quickly show how the weather affects your ET and MPH.

Weathe Station Screenshot

Weathe Station Screenshot

Super-class drag racers will love the powerful Throttle Stop Ratio Worksheet! You pick the "golden" runs to analyze, and DENSITY will determine the most accurate throttle stop ratio and graph the results for you. This feature allows DENSITY to very accurately predict the required throttle stop setting to stay right on the number, regardless of the weather changes.

Weathe Station Screenshot

No hand-held calculator in the world can keep up with DENSITY and your PC for these types of weather related calculations and racecar performance predictions. Now you can build your own weather station at a fraction of the cost of those hand-held calculator based systems. The combination of the most accurate weather instruments and the most accurate calculations possible, provided by your PC and the DENSITY software, will always give you the most accurate results at the racetrack!

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