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Bonneville (Salt Flats) Software

Bonneville Pro is designed specifically for Bonneville Salt Flats, El Mirage, Muroc Dry Lake and one- and two-mile asphalt course top speed performance prediction! Bonneville Pro allows every land speed racer to use their PC to perform a complex computer simulation of their vehicle's top speed performance, quickly and easily, in just a few minutes.

Sample Bonneville Pro screens for a very high horsepower, Fuel Roadster on the Bonneville Salt Flats 5 Mile "Long Course" are included on this page to help illustrate the power and versatility of this new software.

Bonneville Pro includes all the variables required to accurately simulate and help you get the most top speed out of your racing vehicle. Inputs include the ambient weather conditions and wind speed, engine dyno data, weight, all the gear ratios in the transmission and rear end, the size of the tires, etc. . . . and of course, a complete description of the vehicle aerodynamics, including the reference frontal area, and drag and lift coefficients. Any of these variables may be changed, and the effect on top speed quickly determined using the Bonneville Pro software.

Bonneville software screen shot

Extensive on-screen help and calculation worksheets are included to make Bonneville Pro easy to use. Bonneville Pro comes with a complete user's manual, describing all the input variables, and the software includes sample values for a number of different land speed racing vehicle types. Technical support is always available to all registered users.

Bonneville software screen shot

Output from Bonneville Pro includes a complete detailed history of the run, including the Time, Distance, Speed and Acceleration (in g's) at every point on the race course. Vehicle performance graphs for all this data are also included - in vibrant full color.

Bonneville software screen shot

Now every land speed racer or motorsports enthusiast with a PC can do the computer simulations routinely performed by the mega-dollar racing operations and factory backed race teams! With access to the racing surface so limited these days, you've got to be ready to go fast every time you get to the racetrack.

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Bonneville Racing Math Book

Bonneville Pro - The Book.
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