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Patrick Hale Racing AlteredPatrick Hale founded Quarter Jr in 1985 to combine his keen interests in internal combustion engines, drag racing and personal computers. After graduating with a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University he joined the AlliedSignal Aerospace Corporation in 1976. He applied his engineering simulation experience with gas turbine engines and high speed aircraft to the development of PC based computer software for internal combustion engine performance modeling and drag race car simulation, initially in support of his own drag racing efforts. These popular software products allowed every racer to design and optimize their engines and vehicles on their PC instead of at the racetrack.

Patrick Hale remains an avid drag racer, building and developing his own racing engines and cars. He has extensive, hands-on experience with flowbenches and engine dynamometers, and has personally conducted nearly a thousand engine dyno tests, including reducing the data and analyzing the test results. Patrick Hale has held three NHRA National Records in Competition Eliminator and was awarded the "Best Engineered" vehicle in May 1999 for his record holding K/Altered . . . an all aluminum, electronic fuel injected, 4 cylinder Ford powered Bantam roadster. He is also a Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and has authored numerous technical articles for several automotive magazines; including National Dragster, Hot Rod and Bracket Racing USA.

Quarter Jr is recognized as an industry leader in providing sophisticated, technical PC software products for many different types of automobile and motorcycle racing, focused primarily on the drag racing market. A wide range of software products have been developed since 1985, and Quarter Jr now has thousands of satisfied customers around the globe.

Quarter Jr was purchased by Don Terrill in 2007. A chance phone conversation lead to the purchase of the company.

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